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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Vote For Chris Christie In November New Jersey

"The scope of corruption is beyond anything," Corzine said. "It was outrageous. I will not tolerate this." http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2009/07/dca_commisioner_joe_doria_resi.html

Corzine seems surprised that his Commissioner is under investigation by the FBI and US Attorney Generals office for corruption. The only thing that is truly surprising is that the NJ State Attorney General, whom Corzine appoints, never seems to catch these guys. I guess its hard to investigate corruption if you know the people it will net are those that you rely on for your political power. Right Corzine?!

Its time for change in New Jersey and that change is Chris Christie. While this latest roundup of New Jersey politicians occurred after Christie's resignation as N.J. U.S. Attorney General the investigation began back when he was still in charge.

His record in New Jersey regarding corruption is impeccable. He had 130 convictions and 0 acquittals during his tenure in New Jersey. Corzine is either corrupt or inept either way we no longer can afford him in New Jersey.

Recently Corzine has attempted to smear Christie but the truth is that Chris by all accounts is an honorable man. Trenton is full of crooks and it is time to vote them all out. Vote for Christie!!!!!!!! Hey even Corzine thinks he's great, except when he is behind in the polls.

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