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Monday, August 17, 2009

While Its True There Is No Death Board Yet- This Is What We Will Get If ObamaCare Is Passed

Now I have to be honest I really don't feel too bad for this woman. She was a lifelong smoker and surprise surprise she got lung cancer. The fact is that we all have to take personal responsibility for our actions because they have consequences but this story illustrates the constraints put on healthcare when the Government is involved.

This woman has terminal cancer and her previous medical treatment has been unsuccessful in defeating the cancer. She receives her health insurance from the State of Oregon and they have decided that a $5,000 a month treatment that doesn't give her more than a 5% survival rate after five years is too expensive so they instead sent her information on physician assisted suicide, which is legal in Oregon.

This is an example of the so called "death panel" in affect today. So when you hear the MSM say the death panels are myths please tell you friends about this woman. In the future its not going to be the 60 year old smoker that is being offered the physician assisted suicide but rather a developmentally disabled child with a terminal illness who the state has concluded is not worth the cost of further medical treatment.

Death Drugs Cause Uproar in Oregon - ABC News

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