Our nation's debt is literally indenturing our children to our international debt holders, but most Americans don't care because they are more concerned about the latest saga involving Snooki on Jersey Shore rather than what really matters, our country’s future.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Democrats stifle Republican health care plans | Washington Examiner

Why am I not surprised that the NYT or WP or MSNBC or CNN has not covered these proposals. If the Democrats would read the polls they would find out that the Republican bills are exactly the types of changes to healthcare that Americans want to occur. We do not want or need socialized medicine and most of Europe no longer wants it either. We are broke people. We don't even fully fund medicare and medicaid right so how are we going to pay for everyone's healthcare. Sure we can borrow some more money but in case you haven't noticed the Chinese are more interested in gold than treasuries. Plus the annointed one just started a trade war with a country we owe an awful lot of money to and who we rely upon for all those cheap goodies we buy at the store everything from tvs to pencils. Sure free healthcare for all would be nice but so would a free house, a free car, free food, and free cloths just ask the Soviets how that worked out.

Democrats stifle Republican health care plans | Washington Examiner

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