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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Collective Bargaining Has Hurt Border Patrol, TSA Shouldn’t Make Same Mistake

A great blog posting by my new favorite Senator over on the RedState Blog http://www.redstate.com/

Posted by Senator Jim DeMint
Tuesday, January 5th at 11:42AM EST

In light of the Christmas terror attempt, we must make sure that our airport security is as strong as possible. Unfortunately, Democrats in the Senate appear intent on confirming a new leader for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), that would presumably make good on President Obama’s campaign promise to union bosses that he’d force TSA into collective bargaining even though it would weaken our security. [A nominee who has also submitted false testimony to Congress about improperly accessing private background information.] If that were to happen, the same union bureaucracy that has crippled the American auto industry and made service at Post Offices the punch line to jokes could soon be a way of life at America’s airports.

Senator DeMint goes on to discuss how the Border Patrol has been weakened because it has collectively bargain with its employees. Contact your Senators and let them know to vote NO on Erroll Southers nomination to head the TSA.

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