Our nation's debt is literally indenturing our children to our international debt holders, but most Americans don't care because they are more concerned about the latest saga involving Snooki on Jersey Shore rather than what really matters, our country’s future.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Progressive" Nations Provide Insight Into America's Future- Unless We Change Our Current Course

Edmund Burke once stated "those who don't know history are destined to repeat it." This statement is most often cited to help explain why after the Great War (WWI) there was a Second World War. If you look at the current agenda of the White House and Congress it is hard to see the end game but it helps if you look at the failures of these very same policies in Europe and South America.

First lets look at gun control. When it comes to gun control the UK is a great example of what happens when people give up liberty for safety. In case you are unaware in the UK the citizens have been left defenseless and at the mercy of their governments and criminals through strict gun laws aimed at stemming "illegal" guns. It is interesting to note that 50 years ago UK policemen or "Bobbies" were generally unarmed, even though many British citizens owned firearms legally at the time. However, now that almost every citizen has been disarmed many officers are now being armed with submachine guns for their own protection. Kind of weird right? The following is a classical example of the over the top gun control laws in the UK: A decorated Army veteran tending his backyard discovered that someone had thrown a sawed off shotgun over his fence to dispose of the gun. He had seen several posters and t.v. ads urging citizens to help the police by turning in guns. So he marched down to the local police station to do his civil duty and turn in the gun. He didn't get a cash reward for his efforts but rather a nice set of silver bracelets. You see he was arrested for possession of an illegal firearm and now faces a five year prison sentence. Sounds outrageous right but the same types of laws that UK has are currently being proposed by both the Brady Campaign and Bloomberg's Mayors Against Illegal Guns right here in the United States. Pretty scary right?!

Now some of you could care less about guns because you either don't own any or simply are apathetic because well its doesn't really concern you. All right then lets look at our economy. Now there is isn't a single person in the US that thinks things are good except for the Fed Chairman and maybe the CEO of Goldman Sachs. Now we all know that Obama leans far to the left and that he was raised by communists. But what is his end game? Well lets take a look at the mess that Venezuela is in to see if it can provide some insight.

CARACAS, Jan 9 (Reuters) - Venezuelans rushed to the shops on Saturday, fearful of price rises after a currency devaluation that will let President Hugo Chavez boost government spending ahead of an election but feeds opposition charges of economic mismanagement.

In a bid to jump-start the recession-hit economy of South America's top oil exporter, Chavez on Friday announced a dual system for the fixed rate bolivar.

It devalues the currency to 4.3 and 2.6 against the dollar, from a rate of 2.15 per dollar in place since 2005, giving the better rate for basic goods in an attempt to limit the impact of the measure on consumer prices.......

Chavez Says He’ll Seize Businesses That Raise Prices

Jan. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said that businesses have no reason to raise prices following the devaluation of the bolivar and that the government will seize any entity that boosts its prices.

Chavez said he’ll create an anti-speculation committee to monitor prices after private businesses said that prices would double and consumers rushed to buy household appliances and televisions. The government is the only authority able to dictate price increases, he said.......

Chavez warns businesses after currency devaluation

CARACAS, Jan 10 (Reuters) - Venezuela's Hugo Chavez ordered soldiers to seek out businesses that raise prices after a sharp devaluation of the bolivar currency last week, saying he will expropriate firms that engage in price gouging.

Chavez also created a $1 billion fund to jump-start the recession-hit, oil-reliant economy before elections in September when the opposition hopes to strip him of a parliamentary majority.....

You say that this can't happen here in the United States and well thats your right as a free American. But remember I warned you.

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