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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Orange County couple faces a fine and possible jail time for not having a lawn

This story is so enraging. A couple decided to get rid of their lawn because they were wasting water. Mind you this is in a part of the country, which is being devastated by drought. The Has replaced their lawn with native plants and herbs, which are drought resistant, and mulch. However, the City of Orange cited them for violating a city ordinance requiring that at least 40 percent of the yard be landscaped with live plants.

At a time when Southern California cities fine people for overwatering their thirsty lawns, the Has said they've saved hundreds of thousands of gallons of water and drastically lowered their water bill. The couple went from using 300,000 gallons of water a year to 54,000, but city codes are specific, requiring 40 percent of the yard be landscaped with live plants. Wood chips don't qualify.

The case against Quan and Angelina Ha could be dropped without fine or penalty, officials said Tuesday hours after the pair was arraigned on charges of violating city ordinances when they removed their lawn to try to save water.The Has said Tuesday that dropping the lawsuit would not resolve the underlying issue: The city must encourage more water-saving measures among residents. Angelina Ha said her husband planned to petition the City Council to change the law."I'm taken aback that the city would kind of make us plant something that would take up water resources, Quan Ha said. "We just mainly wanted to use less water."


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