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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fleeing Suspect Picks Wrong Place To Hide Out

You have to love dumb criminals sometimes they make it so easy for the police that you almost feel bad for them, not.

Fleeing Suspect Picks Wrong Place To Hide Out

A man involved in a crash Wednesday afternoon sped away before sheriff's deputies arrived. He did choose a rather peculiar place to hide, the Douglas County Sheriff's Department.

Deputies got their man partly because of where the suspect hid and partly because of a good Samaritan. "I saw the oncoming car go over the line and hit this car coming the other way,” said Paul Gonzales Jr.

That's when he pulled his car over to see if he could help, but he wasn't prepared for what the driver accused of causing the crash did next. “He started the car right up again and took off.”

So Gonzales did the same, chasing the suspect. “Information came out that there was a suspect vehicle in a hit-and-run on Blondo Street, was heading north of Maple Street at that time,” said Douglas County Sheriff’s Department Capt. Russ Torres.

That suspect, 28-year-old Jason Ainsworth, ended up at the Douglas County Sheriff's Department. "I noticed a car sitting in front of our property annex that had severe damage to it,” said Capt. Torres, who was pointed in the direction of the suspect by Gonzales.

"I won't say it was a lengthy foot chase, but I did run after him and he probably realized the futility of the situation and he gave up at that point." Something that’s not normally in a day’s work for a sheriff's captain. “Normally I sit behind my desk and go to meetings and that's probably the extent of my day."

Ainsworth was booked for felony charge of leaving the scene of an injury accident and a misdemeanor charge of refusing to be tested for drunk driving. He sustained a minor hand injury, either as a result of the accident or from a scuffle with a witness after the accident.

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