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Thursday, December 16, 2010

China's BYD Auto, LA To Test Electric Car Fleet

Remember those green jobs that were going to save the economy well they are never going happen because every time you read a newspaper its China that is creating those jobs. So why are we doing nothing about it? Simple, we owe them a bundle of cash plus we can't create import laws to protect our own industries because if they stoped exporting to the U.S. we would have nothing on our shelves within two weeks.

We need to pass laws in this country that protect American workers and also reduce the regulatory burden, which hampers companys here in the U.S. Further, there is no reason that American tax dollars should be spent on any product or service, which isn't manufactured in this country or employees the majority of its workers here in the U.S. As much as I hate to say it but if the L.A. housing authority wants to buy electric cars they should have to buy Volts or golf carts manufactured right here in the U.S.

The Chinese are never going to build a car or bus here in the United States so long as we have the EPA and OSHA because in their country they can pay a person next to nothing and have them handle hazardous materials on a daily basis without fear of ever being shutdown or sued.

China's BYD Auto, LA To Test Electric Car Fleet
China's BYD Auto and the Housing Authority of Los Angeles have launched a trial program for a fleet of BYD electric cars, as the battery-maker turned car company moves a step closer toward its goal of vehicle sales in North America.

Company spokesman Paul Lin said Thursday that BYD, which is backed by billionaire investor Warren Buffett, is aiming at U.S. sales of its K9 electric bus next year and hoping to begin sales of its E6 electric car in the U.S. by 2012 — two years later than originally planned.

Earlier this week, the L.A. Housing Authority and BYD began a testing program for the Chinese automaker's plug-in hybrid F3DM sedans that housing authority president Rudolf C. Montiel said would significantly reduce fuel costs and polluting emissions.

BYD, which is considering locating its North American headquarters in Los Angeles, is also in talks with the housing authority on use of an energy storage station to generate solar power that could be used for charging the vehicles.

BYD earlier signed a deal with the city to develop a battery for storing renewable energy at a wind farm in the Tehachapi Mountains northwest of the city.

Lin denied reports that BYD's export plans had been delayed by troubles over ownership of the technology for its batteries and said the company was struggling to keep up with demand.

"Since our power battery is widely used in many products, from EV manufacturers to various energy-storage projects, we are having problems with capacity," Lin said. Despite having built several new factories, "the output is still less than enough," he said.

BYD originally said it planned to begin U.S. sales of its E6 electric vehicle in 2010. An updated version of the car will be displayed at the North American Auto Show next month, and BYD is hoping to begin retail sales in 2012, Lin said.

He said that BYD hopes to reach agreement with the State of California by the middle of next year on supplying all-electric K9 buses for use in energy-saving public transportation projects.

The expectation is that BYD might set up factories in Los Angeles to produce the buses.

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