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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jose Antonio Vargas: From Journalist to Illegal Immigrant and Political Activist - Big Journalism

Now that the WaPo knows he is illegal they have to fire him...right? When any small business finds out that they have hired an illegal alien they are required by law to fire the person otherwise they face stiff fines from the Feds. Somehow I don't see the DOJ fining the WaPo so long as they continue to support Obama.

The newly publicized life-story of award winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas seems to be one of those revelatory stories that tends to confirm some of the worst charges against liberals and the Old Media. The media sees no reason not to break the law, it employs people with political agendas, and all the while refuses to inform customers of the “news” that this is the case. As it happens, Vargas is an illegal immigrant in this country and has been for decades.

Vargas won a Pulitzer Prize for his 2007 coverage of the Virginia Tech shootings, he also made tongues wag recently with an exclusive interview with the reclusive founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. But his chief journalistic interest has been as a political reporter for the Washington Post.

Vargas tells ABC News that he found out that he had a fraudulent green card when he was a 16-year-old boy trying to apply for a California Driver’s license. The DMV told him his immigration card bought by his family in the Philippines was fake and “warned him not to return.”

Breakdown of the law number one was his family’s purposeful commission of a crime. Breakdown number two was a government agency assisting after the fact. The California DMV directly assisted an illegal immigrant and his entire family stay here as law breakers by telling a 16-year-old Vargas to run and hide from authorities.

Vargas took the DMV’s advice and began to train himself to speak without his native accent.
“I remember the very first instinct was, okay, that’s it, get rid of the accent… ‘Because I just thought to myself, you know, I couldn’t give anybody any reason to ever doubt that I’m an American,” Vargas said.
Notice how his “very first instinct” was to continue to break the law and compound that by engaging in subterfuge. Not to try and become a legal citizen.

Breakdown in law number three: Vargas enlisted the aid of some highly placed California public school officials to help him falsify documents so that he could get a fake Oregon Driver’s license to get his job with the Washington Post.

Jose Antonio Vargas: From Journalist to Illegal Immigrant and Political Activist - Big Journalism

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