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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Obama’s Solar Power at Yosemite Natl Park Will Pay for Itself — in 2088

Another green jobs boondoggle paid with your money. The blogger is actually being generous when he states that the panels will begin paying for themselves in 2088. Since the National Parks are well part of the federal government giving them a tax credit of $700,000 is total BS so the real year is 2102. 

by Kevin “Coach” Collins
Yosemite National Park has installed the largest solar energy system in the whole United States National Park System. The system will provide 672 kilowatts, which is 12 percent of the park’s yearly electric power requirements. The system installed by Suntek (doesn’t that name make you just want to hug a tree?) consists of 2,800 solar panels “tastefully” integrated into the existing architecture of Yosmite’s  administrative and maintenance compound.

A 500 kilowatt solar canopy covers the parking lot. A 100 kW rooftop section serves as a collection system on top of the warehouse, and an additional 72 kWs wrap the building’s outer walls.

Before you jump up and shout “Holy renewable energy!” consider the dark side of this “money and energy saving green policy.”

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