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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tulsa Walmart debit card system goes down | www.krmg.com

This was a nationwide outage seems to have only affected Walmart but it begs the question. Do you have cash at home to buy groceries should the system fail???

A KRMG listener says there were long lines and long waits at the 67th and Memorial Walmart in Tulsa Tuesday afternoon, after he says the store's debit and credit card system went offline.

Pete Carrels said he was told by a store employee that the problem was systemwide, but there has not apparently been any official word from Walmart about that.

KRMG News has seen scattered reports of similar outages in Saskatchewan, Canada, at roughly the same time as the one here in Tulsa.

Carrels says the store was able to resolve the problem after a fairly lengthy delay.

"Waited approximately 45 minutes before I was finally able to check out, because they were able to take some form of credit card," he said.

Tulsa Walmart debit card system goes down | www.krmg.com

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