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Friday, April 20, 2012

'Bridge To Work' Will Let States Experiment With Unemployment Insurance

This great idea was brought to us by both the GOP and Obama. Remember this when you blindly vote along party lines because both parties are captaining this sinking ship.

WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration on Thursday invited states to try out new unemployment insurance schemes that would allow businesses to take on new workers with states paying their wages.

Lawmakers tucked several reforms to the unemployment system into a February deal to reauthorize an expiring Social Security payroll tax cut and federal unemployment insurance, including one to let states drug test the jobless and another to give 10 states waivers to experiment with "demonstration projects." The projects are designed to connect jobless workers with employers, at least for a short time.

The scheme is inspired by a Georgia program called Georgia Works, which allowed Georgia businesses to train unemployed Georgians who receive unemployment insurance for eight weeks without having to pay them. The program, a version of which the administration first proposed last fall, has long been popular with Republicans.

"As our nation faces the lingering challenge of long-term unemployment caused by the depth of the Great Recession, it becomes more vital to do everything we can to help more Americans connect to the workforce at a quicker pace," White House economic adviser Gene Sperling told reporters during a Thursday conference call announcing the administration's new program. "This is a type of a program that allows more Americans under the unemployment insurance system to have greater opportunities to connect to work."

 'Bridge To Work' Will Let States Experiment With Unemployment Insurance

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