Our nation's debt is literally indenturing our children to our international debt holders, but most Americans don't care because they are more concerned about the latest saga involving Snooki on Jersey Shore rather than what really matters, our country’s future.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Are We There Yet? by Brian Wilson

By Brian Wilson

The Silly Season hit a new low with Obama calling Romney a felon. Talk about an IQ test question! Without knowing anything, how stupid do you have to be to take the claim seriously? Yet, all the blow-dried TV pundits are counting the number of angels dancing on that pinhead. If Romney is a felon, why doesn't Obama's Justice Department stop running guns to Mexico and arrest him?
And then we have the demands for tax returns from a man who has a phony, ghost-written autobiography. Why does the TV take the crazy man in the White House seriously? Agendas! Old comfy-comfortable ones, bright, new shiny ones. ...Something for everyone ones! 

The News isn't there to tell you something; it's there to sell you something. Liberalism, bigger government, Nanny State, higher taxes, you name it, they are selling it. And the cost is just a teeny- tiny bit of your Freedom. The TV is populated by liars or idiots. When a man puts his hand in my pocket, I don't much care if it is a lair or an idiot who pulls out a stump. I say it is time we took a head count. Who wants free government cheese and who wants a Constitutional Republic? You can't have both. You can't have half of each. Either we all pull the wagon or we all get in the wagon.

Obama, the lowest man to hold the highest office, just gave a speech straight out of Atlas Shrugged, putting a moral obligation on the producers. Obama speaks large of bridges, roads and everything government. But he cleverly fails to mention where the money came from taxpayers. And those taxpayers get their paychecks from jobs created by the same producers Obama is demonizing. Without producers, leeches like Obama wouldn't even have a government.

Hmmm….maybe we’re on to something…..!

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