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Friday, July 13, 2012

Case of Marine Veteran Killed by Cops May Be Worse than Trayvon Martin

While I definitely don't agree with the attorney's description of  Zimmerman as a vigilante wacko nut that aside what happened to this retired Marine was just plain wrong. The police had no right to search his house once they had confirmed that he was not in medical distress.

An attorney for the family of Kenneth Chamberlain Sr., a Marine veteran slain in his home by White Plains, N.Y., police said that in some ways this case is worse than the killing of Trayvon Martin.

On Nov. 19, the 68-year-old Chamberlain was shot to death by White Plains Police Officer Anthony Carelli following a confrontation at Chamberlain’s apartment, where police responded to a medical alert from a Life Aid device.

Chamberlain, who had a heart condition, apparently accidentally pressed the device in his sleep. When police arrived, he refused to let them enter his apartment, explaining the call was a mistake.

LifeAid Medical Alert Services, the company that issued the medical device, confirmed to police that the call was in error, but the officers insisted on being admitted into the apartment.

Martin, 17, was shot Feb. 26 by George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer in a gated community in Sanford, Florida, where Martin was visiting his father. Zimmerman, who has been charged with second-degree murder in the case, has said he shot Martin in self-defense during a confrontation.

A judge, in a second hearing for Zimmerman who was returned to jail after it was determined he and his wife had lied to the court about their assets in the previous bond hearing, set bond Thursday at $1 million. Zimmerman will have to raise $100,000 to make bail and the judge has placed news restrictions on the terms of the bond.

“Trayvon Martin was killed in a horrible situation by a vigilante. He [George Zimmerman] wasn’t hired or an employee of the city or law enforcement. He was just a wacko nut out there carrying a gun and did a terrible thing. This [case of Chamberlain] was—it was almost like an invading army was storming this man’s castle, because your home is supposed to be your castle,” Randolph McLaughlin said Monday during an interview on Democracy Now!, shortly before filing a $21 million civil rights lawsuit in federal court in Manhattan on behalf of Chamberlain’s family.

Less than two months earlier, a Westchester County grand jury decided not to indict officers involved in the incident. The city of White Plains, the White Plains Housing Authority and eight police officers were named in the lawsuit.

“So it wasn’t like they had to make a spur-of-the-moment decision, you know, someone’s coming at them with a gun or a knife, and it’s us or them,” Laughlin added. “They had an hour to figure out how to handle this. They had up to 10 to 12 officers around. There was a lieutenant in the station house. There were sergeants there. I mean, it wasn’t like they were a bunch of rogue officers just making a quick decision. They planned, they executed their plan, and they executed this man.”

The exchange was captured by an audio recording on the medical device, as well as a video camera on a police taser gun used on Chamberlain.

What started off as a request to confirm Chamberlain was not in need of assistance turned into a violent confrontation in which police cussed at Chamberlain and called him “nigger.” They demanded that Chamberlain let them into the apartment, then tasered the retiree before shooting him to death.

Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore later told the New York Daily News that the use of the N-word was meant to “distract” Chamberlain, whom she described as emotionally disturbed, but also said she condemned the tactic.

Case of Marine Veteran Killed by Cops May Be Worse than Trayvon Martin

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