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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Selling the NHS to the wide world - FT.com

Socialized medicine uses capitalism to offset the costs associated with "free" medicine. My question is when can we start off-shoring Obamacare to Mexico and Latin America to reduce our taxes. Those people already fly here on travel visas to get "free" healthcare from our hospitals why make them buy an airline ticket we can bring our quality of care to them.

Many foreigners were perplexed to see a troupe of 1940s nurses star in Danny Boyle’s Olympic opening ceremony. They might now conclude that it was all a clever piece of marketing, after news that the UK government will create a new agency, Healthcare UK, to help the National Health Service sell its brand overseas.
On the face of it, this is a logical extension of the principle that well-run hospitals should have freedom to operate as a business. Healthcare is rapidly becoming a global market and emerging economies are keen to draw on western expertise as they invest huge sums in public and private provision.
US providers such as the Johns Hopkins hospital or the Mayo Clinic have taken the lead in building a global brand. Yet several UK hospitals – from Great Ormond Street to Manchester’s Christie cancer centre – have an international reputation that already draws thousands of patients to the UK for private treatment. These institutions can surely find a market for their services in India, for example, or in the Middle East. China is also interested in the UK model for primary care, as being relatively effective at cost control.

However, it is important to recognise that overseas ventures are unlikely to raise significant revenues for the NHS swiftly. Moorfields Eye Hospital makes a modest profit from its Dubai outpost, but this would be a drop in the ocean of the NHS budget. Even for hospitals, as strong a motive may be the chance to lure top consultants with better career prospects.
Selling the NHS to the wide world - FT.com

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