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Monday, October 19, 2009

Food Prep. Calculator from Preparedness Pantry

Today I just tried a new product from the Preparedness Pantry. Its a well organized calculator which helps you to decide how much food you need to have for long term storage. The calculator is very easy to setup. First you enter in the total number of people you are storing food for and the calculator determines how many calories you need on daily basis to survive. You can then shop on Preparedness Pantry for products and every time you add a product to your list or basket the calculator translates that product into calories. The calories are then automatically translated into days based upon the amount of people in your family. Therefore if you want to store enough food for 90 or 180 or 365 days all you have to do is add products to you list until you reach the desired period of time. A neat little feature of this calculator is that you can add products that you already have in your own pantry today into the program and the calculator will automatically add the calorie/day conversion for you. I highly recommend giving this calculator a try if you are concerned about food storage.

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