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Monday, October 19, 2009

U.S., after long ban, quietly begins to study gun safety

Oh Great!! This is the first step the Obama administration has to do in order to begin banning guns in America.(They have to show that guns are dangerous and because they are dangerous they can't be left in the hands of anyone except the police and military who are properly trained by the government.) Anyone who actually believed Obama when he said he supported gun rights should have their voting rights taken away for being just plain stupid. The truth of the matter is that the left has always felt that the root of all criminality in this country is the inanimate object rather than the individual. Over the next four years we are going to be inundated with B.S. reports from Brady Campaign mouthpieces. If you don't already have your guns my advice is to buy them now. It will not be too long before the Assault Weapon Ban begins making a comeback in this country.

U.S., after long ban, quietly begins to study gun safety

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